Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dawnwind-Looking back on the future 1975 (Acoustic singer/songwriter duo, with a very poetic base to their writing)

"Former bootleg and very worthy slice of later UK folk heaven, Dawnwind's lone LP has been done up real righteous by your friends at Sunbeam. A British counterpart to Spain's Book of Am, America's Trees, and Scotland's Caedmon in the splintered, post-Nam, last-gasp class of debuts that graduated the free world's folk revival into oblivion, the perfectly titled Looking Back on the Future was released to a fleeting audience in '76. Always the opening act, never the stars, the duo of Jon Harflett and John Perkins crawled up the mountain together for nearly ten years before making an LP of their very own. As the scene died, the duet recorded a sentimental, celebratory, and defiant solemnization of Greenwich Village, acid-nonviolence, Dylan's harmonica, and freedom busking that, like the best long-awaited debuts, displays striking self-discovery and fully honed vision. While the surreal opener 'Don't Look Now, Karen's Gone to the Moon' is an anachronistic spoon-June folk-psych stunner that stands as one of the select sputniks of the era, their haunting Simon & Garfunkel-style take on John Prine's 'Sam Stone' will bring you all back home. It's not clear if the master tapes survived on this one, but you can trust that Sunbeam's work is peerlessly culled from the finest depots, having filled up the product with the usual exemplary Abbey Road mastering, bonus tracks, original artwork, photos, liners, & legitimacy. Have one." -- Kris Price.

Fantastic!! John Prine's Sam Stone is fantastic...Dogs of war could be written yesterday!!
(Look what is happening in Iraq...)

Take a look at the lyrics:

DOGS OF WAR (Harflett/Perkins)

I think I hear the dogs of war Howling on the hill
And, though they say the world's at peace,I hear them howling still.
Oh, the masters they are shrieking and they shout in freedom's name,
Their words alone can never hide the bleeding face of pain
For our fathers died in freedom's cloak but the world remained the same.

For the armies they are marching to the beating of the drum
And the distant sound of thunder is telling us to come
But we have heard the message a thousand times before.
Will a million voices answer NO to the howling dogs of war?

Though they mock the dead with poppies, the ones who never went
And speak in shameful whispers, of the heroes who were sent.
Still the masters grew much richer, and the common man was slain
And now the curs are thirsting for our young men's blood again
For our fathers died in freedom's cloak but the world remains the same.

Speak not to me of glory, tell to me no lies
For the widows and the orphans are crying in your eyes,
And a dreadful toll of murder is lying at your feet,
and when your lives are ended, the armies you will meet.
And the ones you calmly slaughtered will be your judges then,
and your riches will not save you from the butchered sons of men.

Here is your link: http://rapidshare.de/files/37071455/Dawnwind75.rar.html


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Any chance of a repost for this one please?

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Same as the guy above. I love this song - any way we could get this re uploaded?

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