Tuesday, October 17, 2006

John Prine-John Prine (1971, Prine’s first album, US Folk-Rock)

Prine's 1971 self-titled debut set the tone for the rest of his career. A critical smash and a commercial disappointment, the record contains many of his best known compositions. Proving himself capable of tackling folk balladry, country, and rock with ease, Prine seems to spring into being as a fully formed singer-songwriter at age 24. Lyrically diverse, Prine offers topical songs such as "Sam Stone," the tale of a drug addicted Vietnam vet, achingly sad songs, such as the oft-covered "Angel from Montgomery," and, of course, his trademark wit gets ample time in the spotlight. Produced by the legendary Arif Mardin (Aretha Franklin, the Modern Jazz Quartet, Hall and Oates), the record is understated, letting Prine's comfy voice drive things. When needed, the famous house band at American Recording Studios in Memphis kicks in tasteful backing. --Ian Landau

One of the best Singers/ Songwriters…
Highly Recommended!!

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Blogger Boobie Needham said...

I'd go see John Prine every chance I had, here in Toronto at Massey atleast I did before my children were born. My bro' use to work at customs and got me his autograph in 1973 which I still have! I lost count how many times I'd seen him perform when he was here in Toronto at Massey Hall. In 2006 I couldn't pass on the opportunity to see him again...
He's really something special... God bless him.

12:06 AM  
Blogger sturgeonjohnp said...

Please re up with zippy share. Rapid does not work in U.S.A.

Thanks much in advance.

1:47 AM  

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