Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Mississippi Fred McDowell - Steakbone Slide Guitar (Blues)

Ten songs recorded by McDowell when he was appearing in England during the mid-'60s, and originally released on the Transatlantic album In London, Vol. 2 and the Archive of Folk Music album Mississippi Fred McDowell. He performs these numbers, including "You Got to Move," "Levee Camp Blues," "I Heard Somebody Call," "Fred's Worried Life Blues," and "The Train I Ride," with a good deal of forcefulness and tension, although the repertory is hardly unique. The cleaning up of the sources has done a lot of good, although there is some evidence on certain tracks that vinyl sources were used for some of this. — Bruce Eder

Great slide guitar work...
If you were wondering where the Stones found “You got to move” (Sticky Fingers), listen to Fred!

Excellent Blues record!

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Anonymous Jemafre said...

Sounds like a great album, I love slide guitar, but never any free slots available at Sendspace :-(

3:35 PM  
Blogger Vlasdance said...

i am sorry for this sendspace post...never do it again..but the time that i posted there were no free slots in rapidshare..
I am sorry!

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