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Ramblin’ Jack Elliot-The essential Ramblin' Jack Elliot (1964-65)

This release collects the original 1964 Jack Elliott album with a live performance from April 30, 1965.

Titled "The Essential," this was originally the entirety of Ramblin' Jack recordings on the Vanguard label. Musicians on the studio portion include Tedham Porterhouse (alias Bob Dylan), John Herald, Eric Weissberg, Bill Lee, Ian Tyson, and John Hammond, Jr. Humor and confidence at a high, Jack heads up an interesting assortment of studio sessions and a better live performance. Impressions of Lead Belly and an inebriated Scotsman parlay more serious workings of the contemporary "Don't Think Twice" and the vivid howl of "Night Herding Song."
In terms of song selection, this is, indeed, the essential Ramblin' Jack. Originally released as a two-LP set, this 23-song collection is split into studio and live halves. The studio portion consists of a bracing assortment of traditional tunes that Elliott picked up from his many travels. He was, after all, Woody Guthrie's last road companion, and the highlight of the first dozen tunes is Guthrie's dramatic "1913 Massacre." The last section of the CD was recorded in concert at the Town Hall in New York City. The Ramblin' Jack of 1965 was a versatile, likable performer as adept at essaying old cowboy tunes ("Buffalo Skinners," "Night Herding Song") as then-contemporary folk tunes (protégé Bob Dylan's "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right"). One complaint, though: liner notes explaining this linchpin folkie's role as a bridge between generations of troubadours would make The Essential all the more indispensable. --Steven Stolder

If you like Folk, here is another original, or the father of Bob Dylan, as Dylan used to claim back in 60s…
Beautiful Folk/ Country Folk/ Cowboy music…
An American Original…
More Elliot posts will be soon available!

Track List :

1. Roving Gambler (Traditional) - 3:35
2. Will the Circle Be Unbroken? (Traditional) - 2:34
3 Diamond Joe (Traditional) - 2:55
4. Guabi Guabi (Traditional, arranged by Elliott) - 4:40
5. Sowing on the Mountain (Traditional) - 2:12
6. Roll on Buddy (Traditional) - 2:00
7. 1913 Massacre (Guthrie, Woody) - 3:48
8. House of the Rising Sun (Traditional) - 3:24
9. Shade of the Old Apple Tree (Traditional) - 2:38
10. Black Snake (Jefferson) - 3:23
11. Portland Town (Adams, Derroll) - 1:56
12. More Pretty Girls (Traditional) - 2:11
13. San Francisco Bay Blues (Fuller, Jesse) - 2:15
14. Buffalo Skinners (Traditional) - 4:30
15. Sadie Brown (Rodgers, Jimmie) - 3:50
16. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (Dylan, Bob) - 4:00
17. Blind Lemon Jefferson (Ledbetter, Huddie) - 3:40
18. Ramblin' Round Your City (Guthrie, Woody) - 2:10
19. Talkin' Columbia (Guthrie, Woody) - 3:50
20. Tennessee Stud (Driftwood, Jimmy) - 4:05
21. Night Herding Song (Traditional) - 3:03
22. Love Sick Blues (Friend, Cliff) - 3:10
23. I Belong to Glasgow (Fyffe, Will) - 5:15



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I found this one via time-has-told me-blog...and I have to say that this is an fantastic blog!!!!
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What's the chance of getting a download for this Ramblin Jack Elliot in rapidshare ?

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a little difficult..i do not have too much time to post an album 2 times!!
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I am sorry...just grab it from quicksharing!

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the quicksharing link is DEAD
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