Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dionysis Savvopoulos-To perivolli tou Trelou” (Greek Folk/Psych 1969-Lyra)

Dhionisios Savvopoulos first appeared on the Greek musical scene in 1966 with his debut To Fortigo, an album marked by fine guitar composition and anguished, introspective lyrics. Although he looked unconventional Savvopoulos had long hair and wore large glasses the performer's lyrical content focussed on personal, rather than social, anger. When the military took control, the year after To Fortigo appeared, Savvopoulous's emotional lyrics escaped censorship, being devoid of political commentary. Savvopoulos acknowledged the important influence of gypsy music on his developing style, yet as his career progessed, Savvopoulos moved away from a simple guitar and vocals arrangement, to complex instrumental orchestration which, while it appealed to some, alienated others as being too ornate. Still more listeners lost interest in Savvopoulos after his highly public return to the Orthodox Church. by Leon Jackson, www.allmusic.com

"Perivolli tou trelou" is in my opinion his most psychedelic album and express a long psychedelic period in Greek Folk/Rock music.
Pay attention at his melodies! (to perivoli, thalassografia, oi piso mou selides, eida tin Anna kapote)

Track list:

1. To perivoli (The orchard)
2. I theia maro (Auntie Mary)
3. Thalassografia (Sea chart)
4. Oi piso mou selides (My back pages)
5. I synnefoula (Cloudy)
6. San rempetiko palio (Like an old rebetiko song)
7. Eida tin Anna kapote (I saw Ann once)
8. Ntirlanta (Dirlada)
9. Ta paidia pou xathikan (For the children that have been lost)
10.Odi ston georgio karaiskaki (Ode for G. Karaiskakis)

Listen to it! http://rapidshare.de/files/37109886/mad_ground.rar.html


Blogger Antonio said...

wow! Too late of course, but could you please re-up this one? (I am looking for this one for 20 years! mainly because of his version of 'my back pages'!!!!!.

This would make my day, week and year, man!!!!!!

thanX so very much,

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