Friday, January 05, 2007

Nick Castro-A spy in the house of god (Acid Folk, 2004)

Nick Castro (Hollywood, N.Y.), has made here a wonderful, only partly singer-songwriter album, with some nice songs, with acoustic guitars and oud (like the beautiful "Jack of All Seasons” or "No Sweeter thing"), and with some more acoustic meandering textures, and small instrumental improvisations (like the "Ukelin suite" ; with on “Zoey” and on the intro of “If Your Soul Could Sing” the use of some tape-experimenting and semi-acoustic experiments), with the use of an Incredible String Band like- flute (like on the beautiful psych-folk song "Winter's Chill", and even more on the instrumental "Flight of the Mourning Dove"). All these elements give the complete album an overall and definite acid / psychedelic folk result. Another instrumental, “This was that and then” is a dreamy improvisation on dulcimer, sitar, oud and flute. The song "Dear Stranger" with acoustic guitar might follow a bit the tradition of early John Renbourne, even when it reminds me also of a Pink Floyd song, then it turns into a psych-folk instrumental with additional flute and harmonium, called "The Opposite of it". The only track which falls a bit off in quality is the more flat / weeping last track, called “Ordinary Life”. A recommended album, from psychedelicfolk website.



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