Monday, May 28, 2007

Simon Finn-Magic Moments (2005)

This is the first new release by Simon Finn after 30 years, and it’s nice to see nothing of his honest slightly open-emotional playing has changed over the years. The songs are more sparsely arranged, but with well played acoustic guitar, and just some flute and violin by Joolie Wood. The songs don’t really need much more to sound good. The emotionality from the early album and songs concerns are the same. The song perspective has matured, while Simon's essential nature remains unchanged. I wish all singer-songwriters had this kind of musical stability, even when it has its own specific tiny human so called "unstable" aspects that make it even better, more human, and which gives it an integral musicality. Just the kind of "raw" "inner struggle" to speak out of an earlier age, is now more tempered. It's not replaced by something like a different vision but by continuity strength in grabbing its own visions. Well done.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Lucas Sideras-One Day (1973)

After Aphrodite's Child's break up:

Demis Roussos embarked on his solo career recording his first single "We Shall Dance" and touring all around Europe. Vangelis finished "666" and begun to devote his music beginning an incredible and wonderful career. Loukas Sideras followed Demis in his european tour; he did a single 45 release of "Break" (from "666"), then released Lps "One Day" in 1972 and "Pax Spray" in 1973; co-wrote "White Sails" which Demis covered on album "My Only Fascination"; in 1977 with Axis and Lakis Vlavianos formed the group "Ypsilon" recording one album: "Metro Music Man"; co-wrote also "Seasons of love" with Vangelis. Silver Koulouris showed up on Demis albums "Souvenirs To Souvenirs", "Happy To Be..." and "Reflection".

One Day