Sunday, July 29, 2007

Summer Folk Compilation

Everynody enjoy your holidays..
See you in September..

1. Dave Van Ronk-Another Time and place
2. Dave Evans-The words in between
3. Gim Groce-I got a name
4. Joan Baez-Long Black Veil
5. Hamilton Cap-Pride of man
6. Bulent Ortcgil-Anlamsybz
7. Lida-Spyros-Einai kati karavia sto limani
8. Nick Castro-Waltz for a little bird
9. Simon Finn-Walkie Talkie
10.Donovan-Wear your love like heaven
11.Wizz Jones-Pastures of plenty
12.Jonas og Einar-on a river boat
13.Donovan-Belated foregiveness plea
14.Mariza Kox-Arampas
15.Simon Finn-How about that
17.Dionysis Savvopoulos-oi palioi mas filoi
18.Derrol Adams-The valley
19.Joan Baez-Mary Hamilton
20.Fionn Regan-Put a penny in the slot
21.Elizabeth Cotten- Freight Train
22.Richard Thompson-Coyotes
23.Ian Tyson-Four strong winds
24.Dorothy Carter- Balinderry (Old Irish Melodies)-Tree of Life (Essene Hymn)


Saturday, July 21, 2007

Angelo Branduardi-Highdown Fair (1976)

"The fable, the fantastic story, are never so simple as they seem to a superficial analysis; in any type of fable there is never the pure taste of the representation, there is also this taste, but each story postpones to another reality; I believe in the evocative power of the words, I believe that each word, each syllable, sung in a certain way and accompanied to certain sounds, goes beyond its literal meaning, evoking other worlds, emotions and moods even buried in the memory."

By Angelo Branduardi