Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Odetta-Odetta sings Folk Songs (1963)

What can we say about Odetta? She reminds me of some Greek singers in Zakinthos Island who sing old folk Zakinthos songs (Ionian island songs with strong Italian influences) and they have real huge voices!! (Singers of Zakinthos…I will try to post some…) Maybe Odetta is one of them!! Incredible voice, jazz voice is true. But in folk music, she becomes a legend. In this album, she sings “Blowing in the wind”, “Roberta”, “Anthem of the rainbow” and other folk American songs. A real traditional folk album. Maybe it is not the best of the huge Odetta, but who can deny it? (I think it is a rare one)
Easy going songs. Beautiful melodies, you know when you listen to these that come from far away years.

Don’t miss it! (Links for other Odetta albums will be appreciated, thanks)



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Great post!!!!!
Thank you very much for Odetta


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